👊 Riot Brawl Arcade Cardgame 👊

A beat'em-up combined with a realtime card game mechanic.

🤜 The Makers
Made for Ludum Dare 41
Graphics, music and sounds are made by Eddy Schäfer 

🤜 The Rules
You control your character by using Cards.
Eeach card consumes a specific ammount energy. 
The energy is constantly decreasing, and if it reaches zero a new "turn" starts. 
On the beginning of each "turn" the energy is filled up again and 2 cards are drawn.

🤜 The Controls
You activate cards by dragging them on the game screen. 
You can Drop the cards back to the hand.
If the card is played, it moves to the graveyard (Passive Cards are not Activated as long as they are not triggered)

🤜 The Idea
The idea was to combine a beat'em-up with a card game... in realtime.
So you can controll your player and activate abilities with the cards.

🤜 The Cards
There are the movement-cards, punches, blocking, shooting and healing. Many more were planned...


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this is really cool i think the real time makes it very interesting

Greetings, my name is Coconut Mousse and i try to invite every board or card game creator to join my jam. The goal is everyone could have play your game without having accessory even a dice

please tell us if you are interested